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Howard Makes Your Personal Injury Lawsuit ...
His Personal Business

And when Howard makes things personal, he does them right.

You're in physical pain, feeling a lot of emotions right now -- frustration, fear and anger are most likely the top three. Perhaps you're confused about the rights you're entitled to and unsure about what to do next.

You're in the right place, then. You've been hurt -- physically and emotionally -- and you deserve to have someone stick up for you, someone to look after your best interests and ensure your rights are upheld.

You deserve a mind at peace, the law in order and your life back to normal. Inhale, exhale and let go of the angst -- Howard will take it from here.

To do things right, Howard makes them personal.

He guides you step-by-step with Segal's Stress-Free Steps.

  1. Speaking, Seeing & Thinking Clearly
    This first meeting is something to look forward to. As soon as you meet Howard, you're going to feel that cloud of angst lift. Things are brighter. Why? Because Howard takes the time to truly understand your situation -- both the physical, factual elements and the deeper, emotional impact of your personal injury.

    He answers every question you have, putting a high-level knowledge of the legal system into simple, straightforward words. He wants you to understand your case, your rights and your collaborative plan every step of the way.

    And if you're too injured to go to him, Howard comes to you. House visits are no trouble.

  2. Clear Notes For A Clear Path
    Howard has a great memory, but he leaves nothing up to chance when it comes to your case. He takes extensive and thorough notes, outlining every fact and figure. He jots down your words and the promising ideas your words spark in his mind, which is bent on leading you down the right legal path and finding that light at the end of your tunnel.

  3. Space And Time For A Clear Mind
    Howard knows that there are going to be things that come to your mind after he leaves -- or perhaps things you wish you had told him, or things you weren't yet ready to reveal. When you're ready, just call.

  4. A Clear Plan For Justice
    You get an agreement and a plan of action, designed with a clear vision and only signed by you when you're satisfied and ready to do so.

    When you see things clearly, the heaviness lightens.

He leaves you with confidence & comprehension in the HBS Kit.

Your first meeting with Howard went great. You're feeling hopeful about your case and you see a successful legal resolution in your future. But what about those questions and concerns that arise after Howard leaves? Are you left to fend on your own? No, of course not.

Howard leaves you with the HBS Kit, a personalized package that contains organizational files, contact information and instructions to move forward. But perhaps the most important part of this kit is your journal, where you can document your journey to recovery which will be helpful to your case. You can also write down questions, concerns and ideas you have at any time during your case. Write in it every day, write in it once a week or write in it twice -- whatever helps you record your daily activities, legal queries and ease your worries.

When your world seems unhinged, use these tools to tighten.

He gives you his Peace Of Mind Promise.

Whether it's politics, law or everyday life, the word "promise" often loses its integrity -- falling short of its pledge or pledging empty words.

Think of the first time you heard the word "promise" -- in childhood, perhaps in kindergarten or preschool. A promise was a promise -- no fine print or hidden terms. That's how it should be, and that's how it is when you work with Howard. He promises to give you peace of mind and he delivers this pledge with compassion and fact-based knowledge.

When a promise is a promise, your outlook brightens.

He leads you with Feet On The Street.

With over 30 years of experience, Howard has cultivated strong rapport with professionals in various fields. He has deep-rooted relationships with engineers, accident reconstruction analysts, forensics specialists, mechanics, trauma doctors and other medical experts to give your testimonials professional substance and compelling content that shows the jury what you've been through. He also has access to life-care planners that will document the cost of your long term medical needs if necessary.

When you team up with experts, your case is enlightened.

He combats chaos and confusion by Shedding Light On Dark Times.

Unless you went to law school, legalese and judicial jargon are likely to confuse and frustrate you. Howard knows this, so he doesn't use it. When he speaks to you, he uses words that don't aim to impress or show off his expertise. He wants you to understand what's going on with your case so you're both on the same page at all times.

When things are put simply, your confidence heightens.

Take Stress Free Step 1

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