The Personal Injury Lawyer: Finding The Best For Your Case

why-choose-howardIt would be unrealistic to say that going through a personal injury case is simple. Even describing it as a bit challenging would be an understatement. However, you can make your experience significantly less draining and a lot less complex with the right personal injury lawyer.

Make your personal injury case much more manageable by choosing an attorney who offers the perfect balance of clearheaded expertise, levelheaded aggression and genuine compassion, along with the right convenience factor and appropriate practice-area experience for your specific situation.

Interested? Good. Here’s how you do just that:


You definitely want an attorney whose office is nearby. If that isn’t possible, make sure he or she is willing to travel to you or meet at a convenient location so you’re not burdened with travel time on top of everything else going on.

If your friends and family members have experience with personal injury lawyers, get their input! The people closest to you are the ones you can trust most with referrals.

If a referral from a friend or family member isn’t available, head to the internet.

Most local Bar associations have referral services that list lawyers by legal specialty. But use discretion: Some of these services simply list any attorney in good standing who maintains liability insurance without carefully screening qualifications and experience. If you want to use a lawyer referral service, make sure you investigate the screening process first.


You want a personal injury lawyer with a high level of experience in the intricacies of personal injury litigation, so don’t skimp on your background investigation. Find out the following:

  • How long the lawyer has been in practice
  • The percentage of his or her practice that involves personal injury litigation
  • If he or she has special expertise in the specific category that your personal injury falls into: slip and fall, motor accident, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, wrongful death, etc.
  • If the attorney you’re consulting is actually the attorney who will personally handle every aspect of your personal injury case, or if a clerk or other member of the firm is going to take over once your initial assessment is finished
  • The quality and diversity of expertise the attorney has in his or her network to help support your case
    • This includes engineers, accident reconstruction analysts, forensics specialists, mechanics, trauma doctors and other medical experts to give your testimonials professional credence.


While these things aren’t technically necessary to getting through personal injury litigation, the following factors are what promote your peace of mind and ensure your lawyer’s genuine commitment to both you and your case.

Look for a lawyer who does the following:

  • Produces authentic and helpful content to help clarify personal injury law, either through a blog, on his or her website or via email or social campaigns
    • NOTE: This does not include promotional content, which is neither authentic nor helpful.
  • Truly listens to you and engages in a conversation with youWorks on a contingent agreement, meaning he or she gets paid only when your case is resolved
    • NOTE: If you think this sounds a bit emotional, you’re right. Personal injury litigation is emotional: Your rights, your health and your serenity are at stake. Your attorney should make you feel comfortable, calm and fully supported.

Look for a lawyer who does not do the following:

  • Overwhelms and confuses you with legal jargon, perhaps to showboat expertise that may only be surface deep
  • Dominates the discussion by boasting about the multimillion-dollar verdicts and legal resolutions he or she has won for past clients

Your personal injury lawyer should be more than just an attorney. He or she should be a  knowledgeable guide, a trustworthy confidante, a source of stability and, while it may be rare in the legal field, this person should become a comforting companion.

For a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer who has all of the positive qualities mentioned in this post, and none of the negative ones, look no further than Howard B. Segal. Click the button below to get a conversation started with him and start resolving your personal injury situation. 

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